Project Northbank

Location Philadelphia, PA

Contractor Philadelphia Roof Management

Owner Toll Brothers

Architect KTGY

Application Townhomes

Size 100,000 Square Feet

Project Description

Toll Brothers’ Northbank project is Philadelphia’s only townhome waterfront destination. The townhomes, with open-concept floor plans and high-end kitchens, also offer rooftop living terraces and bedroom retreats with balconies. Toll Brothers wanted a low-maintenance, long-life waterproofing option for the terraces and balconies. BESSERN Building Products and the ENDURIT line of waterproofing and coating systems were selected based on its features of fast cure install, low VOCs, low odor, no sanding dust, and flexibility of the waterproofing at extremely low temperatures. ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM70 waterproofing system was selected based on its class A fire rating, impact resistance, and fast turnaround installs.

Product Application

The ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM70 is applied in a three-step process. On wood decks, a 40mil waterproofing basecoat layer is applied to give immediate waterproofing to the building and allow interior fit-out to begin. Then, a wearing course is installed to provide protection to the basecoat waterproofing and slip resistance. The wear coat is then covered with a color topcoat waterproofing. The ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM70 is a warranted waterproofing system that is installed by factory-trained waterproofing contractors.