Project 1919 Market Street

Location Philadelphia, PA

Contractor Pioneer Contracting / Hunter Roberts

Owner LCOR / Brandywine Realty

Architect BartonPartners

Application Parking Garage, Terrace and Balconies

Size 25,000 Square Feet

Project Description

In early January 2016 Hunter Roberts needed to waterproof the parking garage and balcony decks at 1919 Market Street, a new upscale high rise apartment building in Center City Philadelphia. The requirement was that the application needed to be installed in below freezing temperatures and had to be fast cure so that other trades could access their work spaces without any loss to work schedules. Hunter Roberts in conjunction with LCOR/Brandywine Realty and Barton Partners choose the ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM80R for the parking garage and ENDURIT DECK ProP70R fast cure systems to comply with the temperature and work schedule concerns.

Product Application

The ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM80R was applied to the “T” beam concrete decks of the parking garage to protect the concrete as well as the electrical equipment room underneath the garage. The coating over the “T” joints was reinforced to handle any movement. The coating of the balconies with the fast cure ENDURIT DECK Pro-P70R ensured that the decorative coatings were not tracked through apartment units that had been fit-out. We were also able to re-slope areas with ponding water by making a slurry out of our basecoat ENDURIT DECK Pro-60BC.


The garage coating operation was completed in three days, two days faster than allocated. The garage was opened to traffic 12 hours after coating operations were completed helping to improve the construction schedule.