The ENDURIT line of products are designed to work as a system to allow the designer, contractor and owner the ability to quickly and cost effectively prepare floors that are to receive decorative or protective flooring. We offer WATERPROOFING AND FLOORING PROTECTION GUARANTEED.

Moisture Mitigation

When flooring failure is not an option the ENDURIT Moisture Vapor Control (MVC) products should be employed. The MVC products are formulated to give fast turn-arounds on floors that show a high moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) of over 3 pounds, high pH and/or high relative humidity (RH) readings. Most flooring manufacturers require that floor MVER be below 3 pounds or RH below 80% before installation of their flooring system can start. The ENDURIT MVC line of products can reduce MVER’s of over 25 pounds to below the 3 pound requirement and mitigate RH readings up to 100%.

Deck Coatings

The ENDURIT DECK Pro Products and systems are fast cure, low odor seamless decorative waterproofing coatings. In many cases DECK Pro Systems can be applied in one day and open to light traffic the following day. Most of our systems can also be installed in low temperature conditions that can keep your construction schedule on track. We also offer fire rated, class A & B systems where required.

Expansion Joints

ENDURIT Expansion Joints are used to provide waterproofing to moving joints. With our wide array of products we can offer the best solution to seal the moving joints on your project. From fire rated to seismic joints, we offer long term cost effective sealing solutions.

Glazing Transition Seals

Glazing transition membranes are used to seal the gaps between air and vapor barrier systems and window/curtain wall System. The transition seal is designed to handle high stresses and shear as well as thermal and seismic movement. The glazing transition seal provides a long term reliable waterproof membrane in areas where replacing waterproofing is difficult.

Joint Sealants

Most floors to receive coverings will have control and expansion joints that need to be treated. We offer products that will effectively prepare the floor that is to be covered. Our products are fast cure so the next phase of the construction process can proceed usually the same day.


If your floor requires leveling, our LEVELDECK brand of self-leveling cement based underlayments are considered one of the best in the industry. We developed these products as with all our products, for ease of use. We feel once you have used the LEVELDECK brand you won’t want to use any other underlayment.

Concrete Repair

With all the products available to repair concrete we wanted to make it much easier to prepare concrete slabs for floor coverings. That’s why our ENDURIT Quick-Fix 100 and WCP-E100 products can be used effectively for repair of spalls, gouges and concrete defects as well as a filler for cracks and control joints.