Project Kaiser Permanente

Location Baldwin Park, CA

Contractor Angelus Waterproofing

Application Reflection pond above occupied space

Size 32,000 Square Feet

Project Description

In 2014 Kaiser Permanente in Baldwin Park, California would need to specify a waterproofing membrane for a 32,000 square foot reflection pond that was leaking into the lower rooms of the hospital. In addition to waterproofing there were upgrades including lighting and new drains that were being added to the pond. Since the pond was only going to be drained once and the timeline was near the “rainy” season in southern California, consideration of project delays had to be considered. Kaiser’s design firm choose the ENDURIT DECK Pro-S70 polyurea spray fast cure system to overcome these concerns.

Product Application

The reflection pond was drained and the existing coating was removed by shot blasting. Since moisture vapor drive and rain was of consideration, 16 mils of ENDURIT MVC-2LT was applied. ENDURIT DECK Pro-S70 was applied at 120 mils. ENDURIT DECK Pro 55ALT2C aliphatic topcoat was color-matched to resemble the color of the glass on the building and applied to the sidewalls of the pond to achieve the desired aesthetics.


By electing to go with the ENDURIT MVC-2LT they were able to keep constant workflow even though rain did become a factor. ENDURIT DECK Pro-S70 was selected to hold up against the cleaning solutions that are being used in the pond. The waterproofing was achieved as well as considerations for aesthetics. The end result also left a very easy-to-clean surface.