Project Federal Air Marshall Training Center

Contractor Stephey Contracting

Architect PJA Architecture

Application Moisture Vapor Mitigation

Size 15,000 Square Feet

Project Description

In 2013 a Federal Air Marshal training center needed to quickly eliminate the moisture vapor issues that were interrupting their training schedules. Moisture vapor was causing mold and mildew to form and was ruining their specialized training mats. They consulted with BESSERN Building Products and it was determined that ENDURIT MVC-8 would eliminate the moisture vapor that was causing the problems.

Project Application

The ENDURIT MVC-8 was applied to below grade concrete after it was properly prepared by mechanically profiling and grinding. The material was applied while the building was occupied. Due to the fact that the ENDURIT MVC-8 has zero VOC’s and is low odor, the existing air handling equipment was adequate to allow for application without any additional air handling equipment.


The ENDURIT MVC-8 coating operation was completed in one day, and the training center was open for scheduled classes the following day. Two days faster than allocated.


After over 8 years of service the ENDURIT MVC-8 is still protecting the Air Marshal training center as designed.