ENDURIT MVC-8 Allows Federal Air Marshals Back to Their Rigorous Physical Training

Bessern Building Products and its ENDURIT MVC-8 coating was used to repair the flooring at one of the Federal Air Marshals training facilities.

Media, PA – Bessern Building Products’ ENDURIT MVC-8, a low temperature concrete moisture vapor control product was used to repair the floor at one of the Federal Air Marshals training facilities. Their physical training area was continually compromised by moisture that was entering the space from the concrete floor. They had to replace floor mats several times due to moisture vapor emissions. After the one day application of ENDURIT MVC-8, the moisture emissions were stopped and the Air Marshals are back to their demanding physical training schedule.

ENDURIT MVC-8 is a 100% solids, Zero VOC, low odor, product that is applied in a single coat application that cures in eight hours. It is LEED MR and IEQ credit qualifying. ENDURIT MVC-8 can effectively treat new or existing concrete substrates with moisture vapor emission rates (MVER) up to 25 pounds per ASTM F-1869 or up to 100% relative humidity (RH) per ASTM-2170 testing.

BESSERN Building Products is a company dedicated to providing cost effective products and solutions to the building industry. Our products are developed and manufactured in the United States in ISO 9000 quality certified facilities. Our products are backed by a robust 10 year labor and material warranty. When flooring failure is not an option, ENDURIT is the solution.

Kevin Cummings
BESSERN Building Products