Project The Curb

Location Norwalk Connecticut

Contractor BLT Management, LLC

Owner Building & Land Technology

Architect EDI International

Application Plaza Deck Waterproofing

Size 60,000 sq ft

Project Description

 The Curb Building, 150/300 Glover Avenue located in Norwalk, CT is a high-density multifamily community (548 units) within a master planned transit village one mile to the Merritt 7 Train Station. The buildings feature podium style construction with five stories of residential apartments over two levels of structured parking with an extensive courtyard plaza area (60,000 SF) with pavers, planters and pool structures. The contractor BLT Management needed to keep on a tight schedule, so they wanted to waterproof the plaza decks without interruption of the construction schedule. On prior a phase of the development, BLT used an asphaltic membrane system for the plaza deck and upon learning of the advantages of the ENDURIT DECK Pro spray applied, fast cure waterproofing system–to improve the build schedule, BLT selected the ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM85 system.

Product Application

 ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM85 SM was applied to the concrete plaza decks during construction. The benefits of the DECK Pro-WM85 SM system is that it allows heavy construction traffic on the waterproofing without protection, unlike most other waterproofing systems and can be installed while construction continues. Additionally, to improve the project schedule, ENDURIT DECK Pro-WM55 SM was applied to the cantilever balconies that allowed the stucco application to continue uninterrupted.


BLT was able to deliver the project on time and on budget with their waterproofing costs.